I recently flew on Ultimate Air with my 1.5 year old daughter and had the most incredible travel experience. Having flown alone with my daughter many times, traveling with a child can be daunting and very stressful (checking bags, going through security, the car seat, the stroller, killing time in the terminal waiting to board!) We arrived, dropped our bags and were pre-boarded within 15 minutes. When we landed our stroller was there waiting for us, with multiple people offering to help us get situated (although, many did say “they don’t make ’em like they used to!” ha!) The staff and crew made our Ultimate Air experience so enjoyable and stress free – for a mom, it was a heavenly experience!

- Ashley H.

Best travel experience I’ve had on a business trip. Everything was easy. Had some reservations around doing this for the first time. I travel frequently for business and will drive anytime I can to avoid the hassle of flying commercial. I will use this service again and again. Excellent service. No hassles. No parking or bag charges. And the time savings….arriving at Lunken at 6:40 for a 7:00am flight. Deal of the century. Thanks for a great experience and a wonderful travel alternative.

- Angie Taylor Engelke

This is the way to go! I flew from Lunken Airport to Chicago. It was easy and hassle free, even my ground transportation was arranged for me. The service was excellent.

- Michele Lepore

I was so impressed with customer service and how friendly everyone was. The flight was smooth and quick, can’t say enough good things!

- Ashley Urbansky

The only way to travel! Great customer service. We recommend to anyone looking for a no hassle and fun experience.

- Cookie Bailey Huber

Nothing is more convenient and the staff is top notch. Why wouldn’t you fly Ultimate?

- Keith Harms

One of the easiest, most stress-free flying experiences I have ever had. Highly recommend!

- Steve Buffo

So convenient. No hassle. The diversity of needs that has been met by Ultimate is truly amazing. There is always business travel but the other needs that are met by this experience are just incredible. We saw families with small babies, a grandma traveling alone with 2 grandchildren, an adult child with special needs traveling with her mother and many couples just trying to get away. I kept thinking that Ultimate really has made travel for some of these mentioned categories so much better. They have reduced the travel anxiety and made it easier for those to get to travel. Way to go Ultimate air!

- Traci Bayer Theis

Always a great experience flying with Ultimate Air.

- John Behimer

Once you’ve flown with Ultimate Air Shuttle, you’ll never want to fly coach again. Top-notch service and ultimate convenience. We flew from Lunken to Charlotte with an infant and toddler and the crew was super nice to all of us. I definitely recommend Ultimate Air Shuttle!

- Susan Hauck Riley