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All New Ultimate Weekend Getaway Fares

For the first time ever, we’re announcing a new deal on holiday weekend fares! Fares are only eligible for weekend travel departing Friday and returning Monday. If Monday is a holiday Tuesday is applicable. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is also eligible. Full eligible dates are listed below.

  • Promotional pricing:
    – Cincinnati (LUK) to Chicago (MDW) $99 each way
  • – Cincinnati (LUK) to Charlotte (CLT) $99 each way
  • – Cincinnati (LUK) to Cleveland (BKL) $99 each way
  • – Cincinnati (LUK) or Cleveland (BKL) to Atlanta (PDK) $99 each way
  • – Cincinnati (LUK) to New York City (MMU) $199 each way
  • – Cleveland (BKL) to Cincinnati (LUK) $99 each way

Eligible dates:
(Green = Departure, Red = Return)


Eligible flights:
Friday: LUK-PDK 850, BKL-LUK 901, LUK-MMU 400, LUK-BKL 900, LUK-MDW 330, LUK-CLT 340
Monday: PDK-LUK 851, LUK-BKL 902, BKL-LUK 903, MMU-LUK 415, MMU-LUK 433, MDW-LUK 331, CLT-LUK 341

Call 800-437-3931 or click here to book your promotional tickets!

*Travel must originate in Cincinnati or Cleveland. Only eligible for weekend travel Friday-Monday, unless Holiday falls on Monday. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is also applicable. Wednesday before Thanksgiving (Nov. 22, 2017), only morning departures permitted for all city pairs, return on Mon., Nov. 27, 2017. Fri., Dec. 22, 2017 departure returns on Tue., Jan. 2, 2018, (CLT-LUK return Flight #339 at 5:30pm). Travel must be booked and flown by Monday, January 8, 2018. FREE, up-close parking at private facilities (excludes MDW). Visit www.ultimateairshuttle.com/promotions for promotion details. Ultimate Air Shuttle Cancellation and Change Policy applies to promotional tickets. Cannot be combined with any other discount or promotion. Ultimate Air Shuttle Flights are public charters sold and operated by Ultimate JetCharters, LLC as direct air carrier.