ULTIMATE AIR SHUTTLE ALERT: As of September 24th, flights to all destinations suspended until Spring 2021 More Details

Our COVID-19 Protocols

Ultimate Air Shuttle places the highest level of importance on the health and safety of our passengers. With that in mind, as we resume flights, we are taking the following precautions to protect our employees and passengers and stop the spread of Coronavirus-19.

Employee Protocols:

  • – Required to stay home from work if showing any symptoms of COVID-19
  • – Must receive clearance from a doctor prior to returning to work
  • – Must complete a health assessment and have temperature taken upon arriving at work
  • – Practice social distancing from other employees while at work
  • – Crew members are required to follow all state jurisdictional protocols throughout the country while on layovers
  • – Wear facial covering while at work as duties allow
  • – Gloves are required for employees during certain daily procedures

Aircraft and Facilities Cleaning Protocols:

  • – Aircraft cabins and flight decks are sanitized regularly
  • – CDC-approved sanitizing wipes are used to wipe down all surfaces that may be contacted during the course of a flight
  • – Aircraft air filtration is changed regularly
  • – All Ultimate Air Shuttle facilities are sanitized before and after each shift

Pre-Flight and In-Flight Protocols:

  • – Touchless Check-In procedures have been implemented to reduce person-to-person contact
  • – Plexiglass has been installed at all check-in podiums to create a safe barrier between employees and passengers
  • – Signage has been installed in Ultimate Air Shuttle facilities to promote proper social distancing
  • – All passengers must complete a health assessment questionnaire and temperature check prior to boarding their flight
  • – Social distancing is clearly marked in all airport facilities prior to departure and upon arrival
  • – Masks must be worn by all passengers and employees while on the aircraft
  • – Individual sanitizing wipes are handed out as part of inflight snack service
  • – Seats in the middle aisle are left empty to provide a safe social distance between passengers during lower passenger counts
  • – Children 2 years or younger are not required to wear a mask. Children over 3 years old up to 10 years old mask is optional and over the age of 10 years mask are required wear a mask

Ultimate Air Shuttle believes these protocols will allow us to safely serve the needs of our passengers. We thank everyone for your understanding and patience during these difficult times as we all continue to adapt to the challenges presented by Coronavirus-19. We look forward to continuing to serve you in the future and thank you for your support which has allowed us to reach this point in our restart. See you soon!