ULTIMATE AIR SHUTTLE ALERT: Flights Suspended - Coronavirus 19 Update More Details

Flights Suspended – Coronavirus 19 Update

Dear Ultimate Customer,

Ultimate Air Shuttle has built the shuttle program around the business traveler over the last 10 years and thank you for your ongoing business.

In this rapidly changing environment we are all in, due to the Coronavirus 19, we have witnessed unprecedented demand changes.

The majority of our small to large corporations have issued travel bans until further notice.  These bans have directly affected our operations.

Effective March 16, 2020 Ultimate Air Shuttle will be suspending all flight operations due to declined demand caused by the Coronavirus.  We will continue to monitor the situation and communicate to you when the affected destinations will resume.

Two routes between Cincinnati and Cleveland will resume on July 20, 2020. All other flights will remain suspended at this time.

Suspended Destinations

  • Chicago
  • Charlotte
  • Charlotte to Atlanta
  • Atlanta to Charlotte
  • Nashville
  • Atlanta

Please call the Ultimate Air Shuttle Account Services Team at 800-437-3931 to complete the ticket cancellation and refund process.

GDS bookings: please call your travel agent with any cancellation or refund questions.

We apologize for this disruption of service on select destinations.  We are hopeful this serious situation can be resolved and normal travel returns as soon as possible.

Ultimate Air Shuttle