“The company I work for uses Ultimate Air Shuttle all the time and are treated like royalty! Why fly commercial when you can fly luxury? Park, board and fly within 30 minutes (or less) of your arrival. Call today – Fly tomorrow! You’ll be glad you did.”

- Susan D.

“Congrats on the move and keep up the great work and unparalleled service. Ultimate Air Shuttle is truly the only way to fly!”

- Leah Z.

“You guys are great! The excellent service started from the moment we arrived. A van was waiting to shuttle us the short distance to the luxurious lounge. I had free coffee while we waited and our flight departed early once all the passengers arrived. No hassles and extremely friendly attendants and crew! Also, the muffin and yogurt parfait breakfast was an awesome change from the commercial flight snacks – we even had wine, assorted cheeses, crackers and deli meat on the return flight. The planes are comfortable with leather seats and we couldn’t be more impressed with the great attitudes of your people! This is how flying is supposed to be! Bravo!”

- Dan T.

“Another great flight back to Cincinnati from NYC on Monday. I’m addicted to the cheese tray and wine. Look forward to it at the end of every trip! Great job!”

- Joy B.

“I love being able to get to Cincinnati in less than two hours. What a great flight and the service was AWESOME.”

- Charlotte R.

“Incredible service, remarkable price, exceptional people at Ultimate Air Shuttle. Also community activists who seem to manage to support just about everything Tri-State and beyond.”

- Village Wine Gallery LLC

“One of the best flights to Chicago I have ever taken. I flew on Ultimate Air Shuttle from Cincinnati to Chicago. No long security. Free food. No assigned seat. And best of all, when we were waiting in the Chicago waiting room, the flight attendant announces that since everyone was there already, would it be okay if we took off 10 minutes early. In all of my million miles in airplanes I have never been asked if it was okay to get home early!! If you are flying from Cincinnati to Chicago, you need to check these guys out – for half the price of the Delta ticket!”

- Sean O.

“Ultimate Air Shuttle makes traveling painless. It’s the highest compliment I can pay. Keep focused on your excellent service, Ultimate. I’m a big fan. Thanks.”

- Steve R.

“Just wanted to drop by and let you guys know my first Ultimate Air Shuttle trip was WELL worth the wait! Crew was awesome. Flight was on time (and full, btw!) and Lunken… Come on! How easy is that?! My driver was parked RIGHT outside the door! I can say with confidence that I will NEVER fly Delta, United or American to Chicago again.”

- Eric W.

“Greatest flying experience I’ve had in years….maybe ever.”

- Michael G.