I can’t even remember the last time I didn’t dread having to fly to Chicago. Probably when my grandmother took me on my first flight at age 8.

Now the industry standard is a cramped, uncomfortable regional jet, unfriendly staff, peanuts and pretzels for a 7:30am snack, $800 fares and $200 change fees. ULTIMATE has changed all that. Friendly, attentive staff. Clean comfortable aircraft, no hassle on time flight. Free parking. Rental car or shuttle waiting for you when you walk out of the terminal. THANK YOU FOR MAKING FLYING ENJOYABLE AGAIN.

- Mike Schuerman

The service/flights were amazing. Super convenient, no hassle and friendly people. You should be flying first class + with Ultimate Air Shuttle, I highly recommend their flights to all!

- Brittany Creech Baer

Uniq, special and elegant services, highly recommended✈️✈️

- Nelson Castillo

This is the only way to fly!

- Mark Gramaglia

After roughly 10 round-trip flights on Ultimate Air this summer, I am 110% sold on this airline. No hassle, professional staff! Keep up the great job.

- Greg Scheid

After flying Ultimate I will never fly commercial to NY again! I hope you expand your route to other places.

- Barbara Raffaelli

An amazing service every traveler should experience!!!

- Lauren Lawshe

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- Irma Funez

“I just took the flight to Chicago and it was the best experience! No waiting and the staff that is extremely nice. I can’t say enough good things about flying Ultimate Air Shuttle. I’ll definitely be doing it again and again.”

- Amanda K.

“Given I just completed my first round trip with you today, my favorite part is not standing in hot, sweaty lines in airports because I fly with you instead of anything out of CVG. I will be your loyal passenger for every other trip I take to your destinations. What a great experience.”

- Stephen H.