Best way to FLY

- Beat Maker

I recently flew the Chicago to CVG route and thought it was fabulous. Definietly the way to travel. I only wish you flew more routes!

- Amy Legenza

Ultimate Air Shuttle is a dream come true for anyone who wants to fly without the hastle of flying on an airline now a days! A great experience every time I get the pleasure of flying with them.

- Mike Barrie

The only way to fly to Chicago!! I wish they flew everywhere. Friendly staff, super easy check in, NO airport hassles!! A dream come true for air travel

- Kim Merk

Awesome flight to Chicago. Got to airport 10 minutes before flight. Got on with no problem.

- Tony Bommarito

drove to MDW pulled was confused within 5 minutes staff had me checked in 15 min later in the air and was totally relaxed headed to Cincy. Awesome first flight for me.

- Jay Meister


- Donna Griffin

So nice to travel like royalty rather than cattle! Travel with Ultimate is really fun!

- Kathy Hunter

I travel for work from Chicago to different cities every week and was fortunate enough to find Ultimate Air. The experience was first class from beginning to end! No long TSA lines, no parking fee’s, no baggage fee’s… The plane was fantastic and the flight crew were friendly and welcoming. My only “complaint” is that Ultimate doesn’t fly to the other cities that I go to.. This may sound crazy, but I may come up with reasons to go to Cincinnati more often just so that I can enjoy the trip there and back…

- Brian Walsh

I’ve flown Ultimate a number of times to Morristown/New York. Not only can I typically get here cheaper than commercial, but knowing that I’ll get here and leave here on time is so nice. Today most commercial flights were either cancelled or delayed 5-6 hours. So glad that wasn’t my day! They’re always so friendly and it takes all the trouble out of flying!

- Chelsea Carroll